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  • $1.65 Million for neck fracture and head injury
  • $1 Million for motorcycle accident
  • $1.5 Million for brain injury in head on collision
  • $985,000 for orthopaedic injuries

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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Our clients most often come to us based on recommendations from doctors and other health care professionals, other lawyers, and most importantly from our current and former clients.

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We fight for our clients to make sure they receive maximum compensation.

I’m extremely pleased with Virk law Hamilton office. John Groves and his team have been very pleasant and informative. They have also been very patient with me. I would recommend this law office to anyone. …More

Mike Gutcher

Baldeep and her team are professional, courteous, and most importantly, knowledgeable. From day one, Baldeep was quick to act on my case, and the experience was greatly satisfying. I can assure she will work hard to ensure you are …More

Felecia Phillips

No one ever thinks it would happen to them until it does. I can’t begin to express how I feel about this company. At the most trying part of my life, Bal and her team kept my hopes up and never gave me a reason to ever doubt how …More

Nando Sanchez

Currently a client and I have nothing less to say than perfection from this great team. Very personable and committed to your case. I can not wait to see the success we have. …More

Le Cruz Omega

I would highly recommend Virk Personal Injury Lawyers. Bal Virk is personable, smart, knowledgeable and committed. Bal and her team are working extremely hard to get the best compensation possible and are very good at keeping me updated on …More

Bridget Nevado

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I Have Been Injured, What Should I do?

Virk Personal Injury Law is always available to explain your rights and different options to obtain compensation for any serious personal injury. In the meantime, be sure to do the following to build your case:

  • Seek medical attention immediately, whether it is at the hospital, family doctor or walk in clinic. Be sure to report ALL of your symptoms and complaints. Also, follow any recommendations and follow up with your family doctor on your progress.
  • Obtain all possible information regarding the accident. These include photographs of your personal injury, property damage and accident site, names and contact information of all witnesses and individuals involved in the accident as well as writing down your detailed account of the sequence of events in relation to the accident.
  • Gather all policies of insurance that you have including through your work, mortgage, credit cards etc. If your injury relates to a motor vehicle accident, locate a copy of your auto insurance policy or renewal. It is important for us to know the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and any associated optional benefits that you may be eligible to claim.
  • Keep records of everything. Keep a record of any phone calls you have with anyone in relation to the accident, missed time from work, receipts for any expenses you pay for including parking, transportation, assistive devices, medication, help around the house or with your personal care. Many personal injuries take time to fully surface. Therefore, it is important to have a timeline of how the injuries have developed over time and their physical, psychological, and financial impact on your life.
  • Avoid speaking to the insurance company until you have sought legal advice – which is free at Virk Personal Injury Law. If you do speak to the insurance company, keep notes of what was said and try to communicate via email so you have a written record.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon after your accident as you can. Understandably, an accident is a very difficult time for anyone, but delays can limit or even extinguish your rights of commencing a lawsuit or obtaining accident benefits from the insurance company as there are timelines that need to be followed. You can contact us by telephone, email, or the form on our website to book a free consultation. We will assist you in understanding the importance of the above and protect the evidence necessary to build your personal injury case.

What you can Expect When you Work With us

  • We make a commitment to you to provide unparalleled legal service.
  • We are completely knowledgeable in personal injury as this is all we do. It is our specialty. We will have the answers to your questions and strategy to get you the best results.
  • You will have direct contact with your lawyer as well as a team of staff that will stay on top of your case.
  • We will take over all communication with the insurance companies and assist with the paperwork so you can focus on your rehabilitation.
  • You will have access to our network of rehabilitation health professionals that will assist you in reaching maximum medical recovery and provide evidence to support your case.
  • We will also engage the experts necessary to build your case to ensure you are getting maximum compensation.
  • Virk Personal Injury Law will fund your case – you don’t have to pay anything until you win.

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