Call out drivers that text

Distracted driving is much too common. It accounts for four million traffic accidents in North America each year. Although Ontario made it illegal in 2009 to drive while using a handheld device, last year approximately 75-80% of all car accidents resulted from driver inattention.

It is illegal to use a handheld device while driving but that does not seem to be eliminating its use.  This is especially alarming given the day and age we are in with heavy reliance on smartphones which only seems to be increasing.   One suggestion is that we create a culture stigmatizing driving and texting and speak up when we see people doing it, especially where you are a passenger and have the opportune moment to enforce zero tolerance.

Distractions don’t end at using a handheld device while driving.  For example, a very high number of car accidents occur each year outside of Canada’s Wonderland on Hwy 400, as many drivers are looking at the rides instead of paying attention to the road. The OPP has been fining people that they catch looking at the rides while sitting in traffic or just driving by. The number of accidents in the area is a testament as to how dangerous distractions are while driving!

Eliminate all distractions while driving and remain focused on the task at hand – arriving safely to your destination.