Can An Insurance Company Hire A Private Investigator To Follow Me?

Can An Insurance Company Hire A Private Investigator To Follow Me

No one likes being followed, and the thought of having a personal investigator follow you and your life to determine the legitimacy of your claim can feel invasive and daunting. It’s common for insurance companies to hire a private investigator to challenge your credibility.

To help you understand why insurance companies do this, we’ve compiled this guide to all things private investigators to help you understand what information they’re looking for.

Why Do They Hire A Private Investigator?

Before getting into the specifics, let’s discuss exactly why insurance companies hire private investigators. To put it simply, insurance companies hire private investigators to determine whether your personal injury claim has any foundation.

This doesn’t happen for every claim but may occur if the insurance company does not believe the level of disability being claimed in light of the property damage involved, for example. Alternatively, private investigators may follow you during high-value claims where insurance companies are potentially sacrificing a large sum of money if you win.

A personal investigator’s ultimate goal is to find any information that either proves or disproves your claim. For example, if you make a claim that states that you’re unable to work or pursue a hobby due to your injury, a private investigator may try to uncover evidence that shows that you can do this and are fabricating or exaggerating the effects of your injuries.

This can sound intimidating, but it is simply the case of the insurance company trying to gather evidence for their side of the case.

What Information Do They Collect?

Depending on the type of claim you submit, the information they collect will differ. Commonly, personal investigators will search through your social media accounts to try and find evidence to undermine your story – this includes finding pictures of you after the accident that either prove or disprove the effects of your injuries.

Alternatively, private investigators may follow you around in public areas discreetly. This is to determine your mobility and your ability to function independently; this is significant in cases where the plaintiff alleges that they’re housebound or unable to move around without assistance.

Private investigators are often hired to follow you right before or after your discovery to highlight inconsistencies in your testimony and presentation.

How Does It Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

As long as you’re telling the truth about your injuries, the personal investigator is unlikely to find evidence that undermines your claim. In fact, they can find evidence that reinforces your claim, helping you secure the compensation.

Ultimately, a personal investigator will be able to impact your claim if you’re found to be fabricating or exaggerating the effects of your injuries.

In this case, your claim is likely to be diminished if the personal investigator can gather evidence that demonstrates you’re able to do the things you say you can’t.

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