Mental Health Matters

The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates that mental challenges are faced by nearly 1 in 5 Canadians. It also estimates that about 30% of short- and long-term disability claims in Canada are attributed to mental health problems and illnesses. An excerpt below from the Commission’s March 2017 report named “Strengthening the Case for Investing in Canada’s Mental Health System: Economic Considerations” puts in perspective the staggering human impact of mental illness. 

Mental health problems and illnesses can take an enormous emotional toll. Mental pain is as real as physical pain and can often be more severe (Moussavi et al., 2007). Mental and psychological disabilities are the fourth most common reason people living with disabilities in Canada experience limitations in daily activities (Statistics Canada,  2013). A person living with depression may experience at least 50% more disabling limitations in their life than someone with angina, arthritis, asthma, or diabetes (Layard, 2012). 

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is essentially designed to provide income replacement and assistance to individuals in the unfortunate situation where they are unable to work due to lingering disability. 

Many of mental health issues are treatable conditions. This makes it important that anyone facing mental health issues is able to get the best possible medical care in the timeliest manner. However, as highlighted by news articles on CBC News and Global News, LTD claims for mental illness due to chronic conditions or after personal injury is often so complicated and misunderstood by employers and insurance companies that many individuals find it difficult to get the help they need to lead a normal life again. It has also been seen at times that some insurers do not approve disability payments, or they are cut-off after some time due to a propensity to misinterpret available medical evidence and insurance policy language to their advantage.  

It is becoming well established that a serious personal injury can result in trauma that can be physical, mental, or both. The invisible psychological pain can be more severe and lasting than the physical hurt. 

If you feel that the insurance company is not acting fairly in providing accident benefits or your legitimate LTD claim is being denied, you should seek legal advice immediately. 

Virk Personal Injury Law is available to explain your rights and different options to obtain compensation for any serious injury.