Rules for VA Occupancy in Washington and Fort Lewis

When buying a home in Washington with a VA loan, you must certify that this home will be your primary residence. Military members are JBLM run into this certification requirement after a PCS to the area and wanting to purchase a second home. In doing so, the spouse of a service member may want to stay in the first home while the second moves into the new home in Washington. Fortunately, this is not an issue.

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You have to start using this home as a primary residence in Washington within a reasonable time and usually runs around two months. Some service members want to close on homes in Dupont, Lakewood, Spanaway, Tacoma, or any other great areas around JBLM while they're deployed. This can require some more work but it is definitely possible. Even better, you can apply for an extension to move into your home in Washington but anything beyond 12 months becomes problematic.

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