R.I.P. Sarah Palin's Political Career 1992-2009

I've read several stories, editorials, and watched TV reports from both sides of the aisle and I have come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin's political career is over. It pains me to say it because I thought she would have been a great Vice-President and I agree with many of the positions she has taken. I was very excited when McCain chose her because I thought maybe McCain was finally acknowledging conservatives within the GOP (after burning those bridges during the 2000 campaign).

However, resigning her office in the middle of her FIRST term as governor does not help her reputation as being "inexperienced". It also makes her look like she is taking her toys and going home because the big bad media is too mean. And for the record, they have treated Palin worse than any candidate for office in the history of this fine nation. They attacked her family, beliefs, and bogged her down with legal fees defending ethics charges (all but one has been cleared and she repaid the $10000). The fact that editors of TV programs, newspapers, and magazines would even allow such trash to be published is reason enough for them to be fired.

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To bow out now in order to work on "national issues" seems like a diversionary tactic to pull us away from her bowing from pressure. If she aspires to be President, the media will be focused on her like a kid using a magnifying glass on an ant on a sunny summer day (unless you're Barak Obama that is). If she thinks she has pressure now, she hasn't seen anything yet.

Three years is the equivalent to a 100 lifetimes in politics. Voters change their opinions and forget things and people. She's the "it" girl (not the "it" like Vanity UnFair wrote) this year and last year, but what about in 3 years? Mitt Romney is polling highest among GOP voters right now, but that will likely change as more people in the years to come declare their intentions for 2012.

There is an inherent danger to what Sarah Palin might do. Right now, there is an ideological battle between conservatives and moderates/liberals within the GOP as to which direction the party should take. The conservatives believe that the GOP should stand their ground on social and political issues and return to the policies of Ronald Reagan. The moderates and liberals of the GOP believe that they should work with the Dems and that conservative social issues hurt the GOP and they should change the GOP platform. How does Sarah Palin factor into all of this?

The Third Party movement.

I can see a scenario where a moderate (ie. Romney) gets the GOP nod and Palin gets pushed to the side. I worry about her taking her supporters and running as an Independent. If she garners enough votes (5-15%), she could split the GOP and essentially hand the Presidency back to Obama in 2012. If she was able to siphon enough votes to capture electoral college votes and the 270 vote threshold was not topped by any of the candidates, the race would go to the House of Representitives to be decided by a majority vote - and the Dems currently have control of the House (not to say that couldn't change).

This is the danger with Sarah Palin. She's a wildcard who hasn't declared what she is going to do now or for 2012. Remember, the Independent vote gave us Bill Clinton and now has given us Stuart Smalley aka Al Frankin as a Senator from Minnesota and a filibuster proof Senate.

God, I hope I'm wrong about every single bit of this but only time will tell...

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