What Are The Most Common Injuries Seen In Motorcycle Accidents?

What Are The Most Common Injuries Seen In Motorcycle Accidents

Summer is here, which means many of you will be thinking about hitting the road on a motorbike after a long and bitterly cold winter. While this is usually an exciting time, it’s essential to remember that being safe on a motorbike is as important as enjoying yourself. 2020 proved to be one of the worst years for motorcycle fatalities in Ontario, with 44 riders killed, up from 27 in the previous year.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking extra care on the roads this summer could save your life and someone else’s. To help you understand the importance of road safety, we’ve compiled this guide to the most common injuries seen in motorcycle accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are common as a result of serious motorcycle accidents, with the effects of high impact to the skull, causing a vast array of problems to the brain. Traumatic brain injuries can result in memory loss, loss of basic motor functions and even mental impairments.

Your risk of serious and traumatic brain injuries are greatly increased if you don’t wear a helmet, so ensure you wear a good quality helmet that can absorb some of the impact during an accident, as this could save your life.

Regardless of whether the accident is minor or not, it’s critical to seek urgent medical attention to assess your brain and spine for internal bleeding or damage. Doctors can perform head CT scans to determine the severity of your injury and the correct course of treatment.

Spinal Injuries

The spine is the control center of your body, so ensuring that this is intact and functional after an accident is essential. During high-speed collisions, the lumbar region of the spine absorbs a lot of the impact, leading to potentially catastrophic injuries that can leave you paralyzed and in a life-threatening condition.

Paraplegia, tetraplegia, herniated discs, ruptured tendons, bone fractures and spine compressions are serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. These injuries are also potentially life-changing, so you can count on a personal injury lawyer to help fight for the compensation you deserve.


Whiplash is an incredibly common injury after a sudden deceleration during an accident. Whiplash refers to injuries that cause the neck to be thrown backwards, compressing nerves, tearing tendons and causing strain and injury to the neck and shoulders. Whiplash can cause mild to severe pain that can start in your neck and transfer to your head, arms and fingers.

While whiplash is common, it’s still important to have the health of your neck assessed by a medical professional who can determine whether you have further injuries to the spine or brain.


Lacerations aren’t just scrapes and bruises and can cause potentially life-threatening conditions. Deep lacerations to any of your major blood vessels or arteries can cause catastrophic hemorrhaging and can place you in a life-threatening condition.

Lacerations to any part of the body, especially the head require urgent medical attention to assess whether there is further internal injury from the impact. Lacerations can also increase the risk of infection, which if left untreated, can be hard to control.

Internal Damages

Depending on the severity of the accident, internal damage can vary from severe bruising to internal hemorrhaging. The most common types of internal injuries include punctured lungs, bleeding in the chest, and brain hemorrhage.

These are caused by torn blood vessels that become strained and rupture during the impact. Internal bleeding can quickly become a life-threatening medical emergency.

Disfigurement & Amputations

If your protective gear fails to protect your extremities, you may experience severe disfigurement if you’re thrown from your bike onto the road surface. This can be life-threatening and cause severe infection and bleeding. If you’re hit at high impact or have crush injuries, amputation may be the only way to limit the danger to your life.

This commonly occurs after major bone damage such as shattering, severe bone infections or any injuries that are beyond surgical repair. While this may be a last resort, this can have devastating consequences on your life. A personal injury lawyer is the best way to help you gain compensation for your loss of income and emotional damages following life-changing procedures.

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