The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario is a compensation board which offers a number of benefits to individuals injured in the workplace. If you have suffered an injury at work in Ontario, there is a likelihood that you will be required to bring a WSIB claim rather than initiate a law suit. It can be difficult for an injured worker to navigate the WSIB system which is complicated and constantly changing. Virk Personal Injury Law can assist you in initiating a WSIB claim and in navigating the claims process. Should the WSIB deny your claim, in part or in full, we can assist you in objecting to a WSIB decision, seeking reconsideration, and initiating a formal appeal to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT).

If you are injured at work in Ontario, you may be eligible for one or more of the following WSIB benefits:

  • Benefit for loss of earnings (if you miss time from work)
  • Benefit for non-economic loss (if you have suffered a permanent impairment)
  • Healthcare benefits (for treatment and related expenses)
  • Benefit for loss of retirement income
  • Survivor benefits (if you are the spouse or a dependent of a worker who has died)

The WSIB/WSIAT system is complex and it can be difficult to ensure you are receiving the compensation you deserve. It is important to contact a lawyer without delay following a workplace injury so we can take the necessary steps to evaluate and initiate your claim. Virk Personal Injury Law offers extensive experience dealing various injuries including severe physical injuries, chronic pain, hearing and vision loss, and traumatic stress and anxiety. We will advocate for you in advancing and building your claim at the WSIB/WSIAT.